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An Exceptional Eye Exam in Hamilton & Mercer County, New Jersey
Optimize clearer vision by scheduling an eye exam at Quaker Bridge Vision in Hamilton & Mercer County, New Jersey. We are a state of the art optometric facility, serving our Mercer County Community for over 27 years with complete and thorough opthalmic examiniations, glaucoma testing and treatment, cataract evaluation, biomicroscopic examinations, visual field testing, and digital retinal photography.
Our Examinations
• Comprehensive Exams

• Cataract Testing
• Ophthalmic Examinations
• Dilated Retinal Examination
• Glaucoma Testing

• Visual Field Testing
• Glaucoma Treatment

• Digital Retinal Photography
In addition, we provide complete motor vehicle eye exams and necessary forms.

Our comprehensive eye examination consists of neurologic testing, extraocular muscle testing, optimizing visual acuity, biomicroscopic evaluations, glaucoma testing, cataract screening, and dilated retinal examination.
Eye Examination, Eye Exam in Hamilton & Mercer County, NJ
Treatment & Management of Ocular Disease
For visual acuity, detection, and treatment of ocular disease, the comprehensive eye examination is very important. The results allow our physicians to successfully treat or manage:
• Diabetic Retinopathy
• Foreign Body Removal
• Hypertensive Retinopathy
• Refractive Surgery Consultation
• Cataract
• Glaucoma
• Macular Degeneration
• Dry Eye Treatment
• Corneal Disease
Eye Exam
Contact us at (609) 584-9090 to set up an appointment for an eye exam at our office.